The Reindeer Grove

Talkeetna, Alaska

Tours and Experiences

*Complimentary beverages (coffee/tea/hot cocoa/etc.) will be included in all tours and experiences*

Reindeer Meet and Feed (1/2 hour)


Alaskan Fireside Cookout with Reindeer (2 hour)


A Walk in the Woods…with Reindeer

May 14 — August 31

Custom On-site and Off-site Exhibits and Tours (variable)


What an incredible experience from start to finish! Learning about homesteading, foraging, and reindeer along with the local treats and the awesome walk in the woods were our favorite parts of our time in Talkeetna. It was positively inspiring to meet Graham and see someone living their dreams and making the world a better place. Highly recommend this unique experience!

Karim, San Diego, 9/18/23

Event Rentals

The events center at The Reindeer Grove embodies a classic Alaskan cabin architectural motif that has been renovated to accommodate an open floor plan with bold, industrial elements, which allow groups of up to 60 to comfortably gather. The cabin is adorned with a ceiling mural that has been dubbed the Sistine Chapel of Alaska, which was painted by a bar patron when it was the Olde Tyme Saloon in the early to mid 1980’s.

Vino and Van Gogh fundraiser for Talkeetna Elementary School
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