Graham and Mindy met most auspiciously at the Telluride Bluegrass Festival in the summer of 2011. Dissatisfied with the more conventional careers they found themselves in, each had recently felt a call to live a more sustainably, resilient, and “closer to the land”. A year later they found themselves in one of the most wild, abundant, natural landscapes left on the planet – Alaska. After a decade of small farm and homesteading experience, they’ve evolved into a family of 4 with the best canine chaperone on the planet and a small herd of 3 (currently) reindeer. Come share in their experiences as reindeer homesteaders in the last frontier.

Graham Knapp – Owner/Operator
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Mindy Knapp – Owner/Operator
Arlo Knapp – Apprentice
Silas Knapp – Apprentice
Zeke – Chaperone
Phoebe – Alpha female
Sophie – Resident female
Lars – Stud
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